Electronic register


The presentation of applications and writings in the Electronic Registry of The Marina of Valencia will be able to be made during the twenty-four hours of every day of the year.

The functions of the Electronic Registry are as follows:

  • The reception and forwarding of applications and documents relating to the procedures and formalities that correspond in accordance with its rule of creation, and the attached documents, as well as the issuance of receipts necessary to confirm receipt.
  • The electronic sending of letters and requests to the persons, bodies or units to which they are addressed.
  • Annotation of the corresponding entry and exit entries.

Requirements :

You will be asked to identify and digitally sign your content in accordance with the requirements established for access to the Electronic Record.

The Electronic Registry may reject the electronic documents presented to it in the following circumstances:

  • That they are documents addressed to bodies or organizations outside the scope of La Marina de Valencia.
  • They contain malicious code or a device that could affect the integrity or security of the system.
  • In the case of the use of standardized documents, when the required fields are not filled in as obligatory, or when they contain incongruities or omissions that prevent their treatment.
  • That they are documents that must be presented in specific Electronic Registers.

In these cases, the sender shall be informed, indicating the reasons for the rejection and, where possible, the means of correction and the address at which it may be presented.

Initiation mode:

You must apply from the option available on this page. 

The process is equivalent to the physical delivery of the corresponding application to the office of the General Registry of La Marina in Valencia. The system will register the form digitally signed by the applicant in an entry in the Electronic Register.

The Electronic Registry will automatically issue an electronically signed receipt that will contain the following content:

  • Copy of the application or written submission.
  • Date and time of filing and registration entry number.
  • If applicable, a list of the attached documents.

The registration number allows you to identify your writing or request to the Marina of Valencia and track the status of its proceeds from the link CITIZEN FOLDER.


Process Mode

Procedure with certificate
Procedure with certificate