The Marine of València is one of the most vibrant stages of the city, a space of more than one million m2 open to the innovation, the nautical and the social uses. In the maritime front realise events of all type related especially with the culture, the navigation, the sport, the training, the entrepreneurship and the innovation: congresses, conventions, deliveries of prizes, presentations of product, launchings, concerts and other initiatives, so much of private character like the public. Beside the sea, the Dock historical has different open spaces and buildings, in some privileged surroundings that contribute value-added and help to the projection of our users and customers.

The Marine of València favors the synergies, presents big possibilities of business and offers an excellent wallet of services. The variety and multipurpose of the spaces allow developing events to measure inside a competitive and modern frame. Our installations admit the assistance of thousands of visitors. This adds the climate that enjoys the city and his diary with activity the 365 days of the year.

From this option can proceed an application for the realization of events in any of the spaces of the enclosure, taking into account the following conditionings:

  • Capacity: The capacity will come determined by the useful surface of the venue or space, differentiated by uses and the coefficients of occupation that result from the application of the Technical Code of the Edificación, Basic Document IF.
  • Schedule: The rent of the spaces begins to the 8:00 hours and extends until the 1:30 hours if the next day it is a holiday or 00:30 if the next day the working.
  • Cleaning and management of waste: The spaces deliver clean and have to give back in the same conditions of cleaning. The promoter of the event will be able to hire with the company that considers, but will have to deliver a document that accredits the contracting of the services of cleaning and management of waste detailing the services hired, (personal, schedules, frequencies, etc.) for the cleaning and management of waste generated the event. In almost all the spaces exist points of collection of waste in the surroundings. To the general level, it is in these points where we will have to establish the point of collecting the event. The company hired for the management of waste will have to cater to the event containers for said point.
  • Conditions for the setting: The setting has to adjust to the documentation that contributed to the signature of the permission. In no case, they will be able to attach elements to the structure of the building in case of the Tinglado 2, and will not be able to drill or paint in any of the spaces. The setting and the dismounting ill have to do following the instructions of access, load, and download of the Consorcio Valencia 2007. It will not be able to manipulate any technical picture neither connection. It will have to do it the personnel of maintenance of the marine previous consent of the CV07. In the events that like this determine, before initiating the setting, the manager of the event will review the space to use together with personnel of maintenance of the Consorcio Valencia 2007 agreeing in a record the stat of the installations. The same will do once finalize the dismounting to determine the damages derivative of the event.
  • Security: The security supposes an additional cost to the rent of the space. It will be able to hire with the company that the promoter decides whenever it fulfills with the legislation in the matter of private security but will have to inform the CV07 of the company that goes to realize the service. The contractor will be responsible for the security of his installations during the event, his setting and disassembly.
  • Type of events: The events will be able to be of the company, of promotion of the entrepreneurship, cultural, neighborhood, sportive, nautical and familiar.
  • Music: The broadcast of music will have to adjust to the valid legislation regarding decibels in the outside, nevertheless, in front of any complaint of a neighbor (ships tied up, neighboring venues and resident neighbors) the consorcio Valencia
  • 2007 will be able to force the manager of the event to turn off the music in an immediate way.
  • Outsourcing of services: will be able to hire any company for the provision of any necessary service (catering, illumination, image, and sound…).
  • Plan of autoprotección and emergencies: The Marine of Valencia has a plan of autoprotección to disposal of the organizer of the events to be able to adapt his plan of autoprotección and emergencies marry of need.
  • Form of payment: it will credit  10% for the reservation infirm, a month before the event will formalize the agreement crediting 50% of the budget to the signature of the same and in the previous week to the event will credit  40% remaining...
  • Requirements: they can opt for this procedure #so many physical people like juridical.

Method of Payment:

Reservation: I credit of 10% of the budget.

A month before the event: formalización of the agreement; I credit of 50% of the budget.

Previous week to the event: I credit of 40% remaining.

Requirements :

They can opt for this procedure #so many physical people like juridical. 

Musical events/shows and concerts that fit into the categories contemplated by the MEDITERRANEW MUSIX tourist brand must obtain it in order to hold their event in the marina. If the musical event does not fit into any of the categories, you must justify why it does not fit.

Of compliance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 relative to the protection of the physical people regarding the treatment of personal data and to the free circulation of these data and the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, of Personal Data protection and a guarantee of the digital rights, Vd. It gives his consent for the treatment of the personal data contributed through his request. These will be incorporated into the corresponding file. His data will be used in the administrative and commercial management of his request and of our eventual relation.

We inform him that it will be able to exert the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition established in said Law through letter certified, attaching a photocopy of his DNI/passport, in the following direction:  Consorcio Valencia 2007.  Muelle aduana s/n. Valencia 46024

Required Documentation:

- Minimum 30 days before the start of the setting

  • Data of the authorized (social Reason, CIF, domicile, etc.).
  • Writing of powers of the representative of the authorized.
  • Document justifying having obtained the MEDITERRANEW MUSIX tourist brand. If it is in process, you must justify that you are in the process of obtaining the trademark, but the holding of the event will be conditional on its final obtaining. In the event that the musical event does not fit within the categories of the MEDITERRANEW MUSIX tourism brand, and therefore does not have the possibility of obtaining it, you must justify the reasons why it is considered to fit in any of the categories.
  • The insurance policy of Civil Responsibility (clamped and proof of payment of the valid period). It can consult two models of policy of the safe (with and without the utilization of the bridge)
  • Technical Memory of the event and/or project visa (will have to include detail of the organization and celebration of the event, description of the setting, listed of companies that participate in the organization, schedules of setting, event and disassembly, plan of autoprotección, plan of emergencies…).
  • DOCUMENT APPOINTING THE SECURITY COORDINATOR of the event with their name and contact mobile telephone number, who must be permanently reachable during the period that includes the phases of preparation, assembly, development and disassembly of the event.
  • RESPONSIBLE STATEMENT/INFORMATION COMMITMENT OF THE LABOR SAFETY REGULATION OF THE PORT AUTHORITY, whose conditions can be consulted at the url, being obliged to inform both its own staff and other companies or third parties that access the authorized area to carry out work related to the authorized activity, keeping documentary proof that they have reported said Regulation. (This document will only be necessary in those events that are held in spaces dependent on the Port Authority of Valencia, consult in case of doubt)

- Minimum 10 days before the start of the setting

  • The document that it accredits the contracting of the services of cleaning and management of waste detailing the services hired.
  • Justificante Of payment of the price and of the bail

- Before the event

  • The license of activity issued by the competent organ.

Initiation mode:

It can initiate the application on line pressing the button Formality with certificate situated on this same page. It will have to identify and sign electronically in accordance with the distinguished requirements in Electronic office / Systems of signature.

  • It has prepared the documentation that needs to attach
  • Fill up the form
  • Attach the documentation required
  • Present and firm the application

I will be able to print and save proof of presentation. Later in the separated Citizen Folder of this office will be able to consult and obtain a copy of his instances presented and equally will be able to contribute additional documentation or that that was him required.

Who processes it:

The responsible person of the organization of the event or the representative of the company that wants to request it.


Process Mode


Offices Consorsio Valencia 2007

Consorcio Valencia 2007
Moll de la Duana s/n
CP 46024 València – España


Procedure with certificate
Procedure with certificate